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Fall Semester 2016


Hi to all 'returning' and 'new to campus' UofA students,

The start of a new semester, especially in the Fall, is filled with a whole spectrum of emotions - anticipation, fear, joy, freedom, expectation, and the weight of constant classroom demands. How to my organize time? What are my priorities? Is this new relationship going anywhere? Whom can I trust? Other people seem smarter (or dumber:) than me. Should I study each day, or cram at the end (actually, the former plan is best:)  

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Spring Semester is looking good!


Welcome back all to campus for Spring Semester 2016. This weekend (Jan. 29-31) we are traveling to Sedona AZ with the LCMs from ASU and NAU. Our theme is: "Bridging Boundaries, Borders, Walls." It seems like every personal and public experience we get involved in has to do with negotiating such things. Whether it is an issue like Immigration, or what to post and not post on Facebook, or our evolving relationship with parents. We are always working out issues of boundaries, borders, walls ...  and what bridging them might look like.

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Are you a Disneyland fan?


Besides a great Guest Speaker, inspiring LCM student Testimonies and Msic, a wonderful catered Meal, and a Silent Auction, this year's LCM Banquet (Sunday, October 25, 4:30pm) will feature a Raffle drawing.  The Raffle drawing is for a package of four 1-Day Hopper Passes to Disneyland and California Adventure Park, value $620. 4 people can use these Passes on one day between now and August 30, 2017. You can stay at one Park, or visit the 2 Parks. Raffle tickets are $10 each. You need not be present at the Banquet to win.

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What is LCM about, really??!


Over the years the ministry adventures that LCM students and pastor share/talk/practice each semester have accumulated and sorted themselves out and landed upon various significant touchstones. These touchstones seem to move us closer to the Spirit's calling for this ministry, and closer to the core Vision/Values/Mission of what we are about. They have emerged from profound group experiences, stunning classroom insights, poignant retreat conversations, books read, and worship moments that stick to the roof of our soul.

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How so busy so FAST?!


Hi LCMers,

It is remarkable how each semester starts off so energetically. Suddenly, almost every student is behind on homework and under the heavy pressure of things needing to get done. And it's not just in the classroom. There are also clubs relating to majors (pre-dental, Spanish, astronomy, law), part time jobs on and off campus, clubs for fun and personal growth (LCM, chess, dance, etc.), household/dorm room chores, physical exercise, eating healthy meals, and having a social life. Whew! 

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Welcome to campus and LCM!


Hi all,

40,000 UofA students will be making their way to campus soon. The traffic will increase tons - watch out bikers, boarders, and runners!

I'm always excited when school begins. Such energy, new faces, old friends, and the happy anticipation of good things to come.

There will be challenges, too. What challenges? Well, it is not easy living with a roommate. Who does the dishes, and when? How cool should the AC be set at? Who keeps common areas clean? What about quiet hours and lights out? All of this and more takes patience to negotiate.

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