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Holy Week 2017


Holy Week is a poignant time in the year for Christians. We remember Jesus' entry into Jerusalem to shouts of support ("Hosanna!"). But then things begin unraveling. Thursday is his last meal with the disciples, the washing of their feet (John), the institution of Holy Communion (Mark, Matthew, Luke), prayer and arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane, a trial where the same people who praised him before are now shouting "crucify him, crucify him", the crucifixion and burial. Jesus dies. Really dies.

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Welcome back to campus!


Welcome back to campus everyone. Hope you had a bit of rest and nourishing adventure during the Christmas break. A highlight for Nancy and me was a beautiful Christmas choral concert at the old San Xavier Church south of Tucson by a men's and boy's choir. Really brought us into the deeper meanings of the event of Jesus' birth and life.

I'm looking forward to seeing you. Prayers for the upcoming Semester.

Peace, in Christ

Pastor Ron 

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Towards the completion of Fall Semester 2016


Just a week left of classes, then Final Exams. And then ... Christmas break. Everyone is about ready to bring this semester to completion and I pray that it has been a good one for you. Do you feel older? Smarter? Wiser? Alexis will be graduating this December 2016. Several other students in May 2017. See, there is light at the end of the tunnel:) The time goes by fast.

Blessings on the remaining days of this semester. God's strength and peace to you,

Pastor Ron


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Blog from Jordan Barrows


September 1, 2016

Cataphatic vs. Apophatic: Where do you find yourself?

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Fall Semester 2016


Hi to all 'returning' and 'new to campus' UofA students,

The start of a new semester, especially in the Fall, is filled with a whole spectrum of emotions - anticipation, fear, joy, freedom, expectation, and the weight of constant classroom demands. How to my organize time? What are my priorities? Is this new relationship going anywhere? Whom can I trust? Other people seem smarter (or dumber:) than me. Should I study each day, or cram at the end (actually, the former plan is best:)  

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Spring Semester is looking good!


Welcome back all to campus for Spring Semester 2016. This weekend (Jan. 29-31) we are traveling to Sedona AZ with the LCMs from ASU and NAU. Our theme is: "Bridging Boundaries, Borders, Walls." It seems like every personal and public experience we get involved in has to do with negotiating such things. Whether it is an issue like Immigration, or what to post and not post on Facebook, or our evolving relationship with parents. We are always working out issues of boundaries, borders, walls ...  and what bridging them might look like.

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