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Welcome to campus and LCM!

Hi all,

40,000 UofA students will be making their way to campus soon. The traffic will increase tons - watch out bikers, boarders, and runners!

I'm always excited when school begins. Such energy, new faces, old friends, and the happy anticipation of good things to come.

There will be challenges, too. What challenges? Well, it is not easy living with a roommate. Who does the dishes, and when? How cool should the AC be set at? Who keeps common areas clean? What about quiet hours and lights out? All of this and more takes patience to negotiate.

Classes too can be challenging. College "is supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it." (can anyone guess what movie this line is from???) I'll take the first one who guesses correctly out to a free lunch:)

Homesickness ... especially the first year, whether a student had it really good/soft at home, or bad/hard at home. This can be difficult. 

And almost daily there will be a roller-coaster ride between feeling over-the-top smart and confident one minute, even annoyingly arrogant ... to feeling very dumb and very, very inadequate.

Don't worry friends, these are common challenges for everyone. Talk with a friend, pray about it, talk with me as your campus pastor, take time for self-care, eating right, sleep, and non-destructive fun. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Peace, in Christ

Pastor Ron     

rhrude47@yahoo.com        520-240-0618 (cell)       www.lcm-ua.org