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What is LCM about, really??!

Over the years the ministry adventures that LCM students and pastor share/talk/practice each semester have accumulated and sorted themselves out and landed upon various significant touchstones. These touchstones seem to move us closer to the Spirit's calling for this ministry, and closer to the core Vision/Values/Mission of what we are about. They have emerged from profound group experiences, stunning classroom insights, poignant retreat conversations, books read, and worship moments that stick to the roof of our soul.

In a nutshell LCM is about Faith ... faith in the triune God. But here are some words that get at the "kind" of faith that seems to blossom here:

Integrating: bringing together Christian faith, classroom learnings, and life experience.

Earth-honoring: grounded in the Creator's wisdom imbedded in nature's eco-systems and communities of life.

Vocational: every Christian has a calling/vocation/plan from God, including some to positions of leadership (lay and clergy) in the Church.

Inclusive: of all, but especially those marginalized by human cultures - including lgbtq couples, individuals, and their families, various ethnic groups, and persons deprived of economic, political, or educational equality and equity. 

Global: building relationship with locales around the planet, including through international trips.

Generous: giving away time, talents, and treasures.  

The overall Vision is to make "God's story of life" and "God's story of Jesus" center and circumference in our daily and long term lives. We do this by providing an atmosphere of openness and radical hospitality at the table for questions and diversity. And, we offer supportive and challenging experiences that provide an arena for this growth in Faith. 

Question: what kind of faith do you think God is stirring in you this semester?

Peace, in Christ

Pastor Ron  (520-240-0618 (cell/text)