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Spring Semester is looking good!

Welcome back all to campus for Spring Semester 2016. This weekend (Jan. 29-31) we are traveling to Sedona AZ with the LCMs from ASU and NAU. Our theme is: "Bridging Boundaries, Borders, Walls." It seems like every personal and public experience we get involved in has to do with negotiating such things. Whether it is an issue like Immigration, or what to post and not post on Facebook, or our evolving relationship with parents. We are always working out issues of boundaries, borders, walls ...  and what bridging them might look like.

A group of 15 LCMers are traveling to Thailand over Spring Break. Boy, we will be engaged in many wonderful inter-faith and inter-cultural exchanges. Plus, we will be bonding as a group and exploring our Christian faith. We are fortunate to be able to take this trip, and pray God's grace and safety will guide and protect us.

Peace, in Christ

Pastor Ron

rhrude47@yahoo.com     520-240-0618 (cell/text)