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Fall Semester 2016

Hi to all 'returning' and 'new to campus' UofA students,

The start of a new semester, especially in the Fall, is filled with a whole spectrum of emotions - anticipation, fear, joy, freedom, expectation, and the weight of constant classroom demands. How to my organize time? What are my priorities? Is this new relationship going anywhere? Whom can I trust? Other people seem smarter (or dumber:) than me. Should I study each day, or cram at the end (actually, the former plan is best:)  

Besides classrooms and residence life, the UofA has over 600 student clubs, including about 22 campus ministries/religious groups. Most are excellent (though there are a few dangerous cults to look out for too). 

Lutheran Campus Ministry is a strong and alive ministry that will not only expand/grow/deepen your faith and reliance on God, but will enhance your college experience significantly. LCM needs to be experienced, so be sure to check us out.

Meanwhile, enjoy the start of the semester, and may God's grace and peace be in you.

In Christ,

Pastor Ron