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This Christian ministry depends on the generosity of donors like you to foster an environment for students to discover, grow, learn, and experience their Christian faith as they live in God's world. Open to all students, this ministry is especially supported by the Lutheran community. Would you like to be a one time donor or regular donor?

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There are also additional options for supporting this Ministry:

     Send in a snail mail Donation check.

     Encourage your Home Congregation to add an LCM-UA line item to your congregation’s Annual Budget. 

     Donate stocks, mutual funds,  automobiles, real estate, corporate bonds, etc.  

     Set up a Memorial or Bequest in order to build a Legacy in someone’s honor 

     Include LCM-UA as a Beneficiary in your personal Will, Trust, or Life Insurance policy.            

Contact info:

Pastor Ron Rude, LCM

715 N Park Ave                                                          Thank you!

Tucson AZ 85719

lcm.uofa@gmail.com   or      rhrude47@yahoo.com