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Final Stretch

Hi all,

The final stretch of the semester is burdensome and thrilling, eh? Lots to do ... but, the end is in sight. 

Hmmm ... Might this be a intriguing perspective for the totality of our lives. Every stage is relatively short when you think of it, including the college years. They go by so fast. And the whole of our lives is especially smallish compared to a Universe that has been going strong for at least 13.7 billion years. Our time is short and the end is not far off for any of us, relatively speaking. However, there is lots to do, each hour, each day, especially if our Christian goal is to make the most significant and meaningful contribution to God's world possible. 

Weighty thoughts on the bigger picture. But for now, God's strength and blessings to you in these final days of Fall Semester 2017 as you wrap things up and get ready for Finals.

Peace, in Christ

Pastor Ron    rhrude47@yahoo.com      520-623-7575 (o)  240-0618 (c)