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The New Year Ahead

How do you approach a new opportunity, a new relationship, a new class, a new year? Do you lean more towards energized excitement or apprehensive nervousness? Is God at the core of your new beginning, or as more of an afterthought?

Thankfully we can gather some wisdom from the past, and can imagine and surmise (sort of) what wisdom could look like in the future. But mostly we have life right in front of us. There is a context that we are a part of, and wisdom involves going deeper into that context. 

The UofA is a great place, filled with great people, projects, and gifts ... right in front of us. Pray that God will help you go deeper this semester, and that you will find the nourishment to live courageously, faithfully, honorably, and with great grace and gratitude.

See you soon.

God's peace,

Pastor Ron