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Campus Ministry Events

The Main rhythm of each week during the school year orbits around two main centers of gravity:

  • The Gathering - Sunday Morns - Free Breakfast at 10am (sometimes cereal, fruit, baked goods ... & sometimes eggs, pancakes, waffles), followed by lively/thoughtful/transformative Worship at 10:30am. Pastor Ron usually preaches sharing the ins and outs and center and circumference of God's spectacular Story of Life and God's stunning Story of Jesus. Each year we put together a rockin' Worship Band to lead Worship. Do you play guitar, drums, sing, other instruments? This is your chance to make some good music and help lead Worship. Contact Pastor Ron at rhrude47@yahoo.com  
  • Living Waters - Wednesday Eves - Free Dinner at 6pm, followed by deep and enriching Faith/Bible discussion 6:40-7:35pm. These discussions are usually led by students on topics of interest connecting college life with Christian faith.

There are of course other ministry activities and events during the week, but these are the towering ones.